The following is a set of basic guidelines and points to think about when considering a hedgehog as a pet or to broaden your knowledge about this curious critter.  So far, 43,000 people have signed up to be hedgehog champions for Hedgehog Street , a project run by the British Hedgehog Preservation Society with the People’s Trust for Endangered Species People can do many simple things to make their gardens more hedgehog-friendly, says Fay Vass, chief executive of BHPS: check before trimming long grass or starting a bonfire and leave wild patches of dead leaves, long grass or log piles where hedgehogs can make their nests.

One very strange fact about hedgehogs baby meme is that they self-anoint which seems to be connected with irregular smells or tastes making them create large quantities of frothy saliva which they flick over their spines with their tongue (please do not disturb a hedgehog in the middle of this process, it’s like catching someone in the shower).

Initially, your hedgehog may curl into a ball when you try to pick him up. However, if you just cradle the ball in your hands, the spines do not really hurt; usually the hedgehog will unroll within a few minutes and start exploring once it realizes you mean no harm.

We are impressed by the good work of the British Hedgehog Preservation Society and the People’s Trust for Endangered Species in undertaking surveys to establish the facts and engaging the public, and support the majority of their 10 year strategy for the protection of hedgehogs.

We work with our rescues every day and can guarantee your hedgie will be loved & cared for, either as our pet or for one of our repeat dedicated hedgehog adopters that love taking in the most challenging cases and getting them to come out of their shell.

A short period without a wheel is not ideal but will also not cause any serious issues if the situation requires it – for instance, if there is a wait time when ordering from an online source, or if a hedgehog is kept in a carrier overnight while traveling – but the wheel should be considered a necessity.

A good quality dry cat food which is high in protein is one of the commonly fed staples, and a balanced and varied diet can be achieved with supplemental feeding of meat based (not fish) cat food from tins or pouches, boiled or scrambled egg, fresh fruit and vegetables, and lean cooked chicken, lamb or mince.